Takor Kingdom

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The Takor Kingdom (or, Takoria) is a dictatorial, unitary monarchy spanning the 3 systems inhabited by the Takor. The Takor Kingdom is heavily isolationist, but does not take an official stance on relations with other races. The systems controlled by the Takor kingdom are heavily defended, and very few are allowed in or out. Relations with the Coalition remnant remain neutral, but the Takor Kingdom sees them as a valuable regional power.

Social Structure

The social structure of Takoria is fairly rigid, with movement between classes hard to achieve. The top-most social class includes the highest officers in the military, and the King. Below that is the regular military. Active military personel are valued in the roots of Takorian society, due to the belief that a strong defensive military is the key to long lasting peace. The middle class is comprised of most of the rest of the population, as very few Takorians are unemployed and those who reject Takorian society find themselves in the last social class, the Rejects. The Rejects are the lowest class in Takorian society, mostly criminals and deserters make up this class. The Rejects are considered to be the failures of Takorian society, and the Kingdom uses them as an example for the rest. You wouldn't want to be a reject, would you?

Education System

The Takorian education system is fairly progressive and open to new ideas, with the typical dash of dictatorial teachings and Takorian exceptionalism. Takorian children are free to persue what they wish to learn, other than a few classes required by the government such as Takorian history, and classes dedicated to ensuring the youth are enfused with the ideas the government wishes. Funding to education is extremely flexible, with individual planets controlling their schooling regions with the federal government divvying out exactly what they need.


The Takorian culture is heavily ancestral, with the elderly and those deceased looked up to for wisdom and insight. Takorians typically lean to a more distributed wealth system; with vast displays of wealth discouraged and even outlawed in certain cases. Takorians (while not forced to) will adorn many things they own with the Takorian Trifecta, a typically golden emblem that displays the three pillars of Takorian culture. The first, a military officer of olden times, symbolizing the strength in the military. The second, a pair of locked hands, the unity of the population. the third, an image of the Duraz, the Takorian Senate, to represent stability. The three pillars hold up Takor Prime.
The Duraz serves a mostly symbolic role; a leftover building from the Takor World Republic that is now used by planetary representatives to share with the rest of the kingdom, the problems their particular planet has. The King attends these sessions, as he holds the decision making power.


Takoria takes pride in its military might. Frequently, military parades are held, and even demonstrations. The Takorian Military is composed of three branches, the biggest of which is called the TRF or, Takorian Royal Fleet. It uses up the most manpower, costs the most to maintain, and is generally the entity described when talking of "the Takorian Military". TRF ships are named with the ship class in mind, following the format: HM[C] where 'C' is the class of vessal, and HM "His Majesty's". Potential prefixes for ships include HMR (Ratos, or Battleship class), HML (Layin, or Destroyer class), HMK (Karnak, or Dreadnaught class), and HMO (Optira, or Super Dreadnaught class). Ships are named by the manufactory that builds them, unless the king decries otherwise. Takorian ships have a Takorian Registry number painted on their front, sides, and on their tailfin. The second branch of the Takorian military is the Pilots Division. This branch is significantly smaller than the TRF, as the Pilots Division are specifically picked and trained fighter pilots. This branch is usually only found in force on the fighter bays of the Karnak and Optira class ships. The smallest and least important is the General Ground Forces branch. This branch include the general military, special operations forces, and specially trained ship boarding parties. Special forces and ship boarding parties are completely absent from public view.

Military Stance

Takoria employs a strictly defensive policy, with a well defined border region, with deployed sensors enabled to track every object that enters and exits the border area. An automated warning message is broadcast continously on all non-takorian military frequencies to warn potential intruders. If a ship wanders in on accident, it is promptly escorted out via tractor beam. Should Takoria find itself in a war, its primary goal is to defend the home territories at all costs. Offensive maneuvers by the Takor would be extremely limited by requirements for defensiveness on the home front.

Plan Z

Plan Z is an extremely secretive plan, detailing the absolute worst case scenario for the Takorian people (A sort of battlestar galactica, if you will). Plan Z details the extreme scorched earth tactics to be employed; as well as the use of any remaining ships to function as civilian transport vessels. Takorian relics were to be uprooted and taken, and catalogs downloaded onto ship databanks over extremely fast wireless lines. If even the capital planet is lost, abandonment of it means leaving not even a shred for the invaders, the planet is to be turned into a barren wasteland that only centuries worth of terraforming could hope to fix.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is carried out by planetary police departments, and almost functions as military police. Typically, each town and city is given only the number of officers they need, as crime is fairly low. However, this does not mean that the Takorian police are to be trifled with. Due to the highly centralized nature of the Takorian Police, reinforcements can be called and deployed with astonishing speed, and communication between units is excessively high.


Due to the Takorian government being a dictatorial monarchy, all decision making power resides with the king. The only elections that occur are for planetary representatives that meet in the Duraz once every quarter. The King typically does not make any decision in the Duraz unless they are simple or require dire attention. Political parties are completely outlawed, candidates run independently.


The inherent xenophobia in the Takor comes from a poor understanding of the motivations and beliefs of other races. Because contact with outside races is extremely sparse, the Takor have no opportunity to learn, and thus retain their feeling of superiority. Because of this xenophobia, borders are sealed from immigrants. Nobody is allowed in. Those who wish to leave however, are free to. Though, their re-entry is not guaranteed.

Recent Expansion

At the behest of the king, two new formerly Coalition star systems are being colonized by Takoria. In force. As a consequence of their massive stockpiles of weapons, supplies and terraforming equipment, Takoria has already landed its colony ships on the most habitable planets in the two systems, and begun immediate terraforming efforts. 4 of the 8 Super Dreadnaughts that Takoria possesses have been deployed and ordered to destroy any vessels attempting to enter or leave the systems. The King has not formally decided a name for the new systems, so temporarily they are named NT-1 and NT-2.

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