A race of bipedal reptiles, closely resembling a large lizard, averaging 6 feet tall, and live for a very long time. The Takor have the ability to shapeshift, and can change themselves into any form they observe, or an amalgamation of multiple forms. Shifting takes 30-45 seconds, depending on the size of the creature in question. The Takor seem unable to shift to anything below 75% of their size, or above 50% of their size. Shifting takes some energy, so multiple consecutive shifts will leave them drained. The Takor also possess a unique telepathic ability which allows them to absorb all the memories of their target, this kills the target, but preserves their memories in the user. The target must be in a weakened state, and the user must be at full strength, as doing using the ability significantly diminishes the user's energy. The Takor are very weak to most environmental situations, and thrive only on worlds specifically terraformed for them. Their most potent weakness being towards radiation, which drains energy from them - negating their shapeshifts. Takor as a species, tend to have a superiority complex, and are thus quite xenophobic and isolated, but will readily work with other species when it benefits them. Very few tend to leave Takor space.

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