A bizarre union of human and machine. During the occupation years, the bioscientists of the AMS Hyperion saw human defectors and those they recruited out of Earth's local population as test subjects for horrific biomechanical experiments. The survivors of such experiments were released into the wild as Synthmen, half-human, half-machine drones with only small portions of sanity remaining. Synthmen show open hostility to the enemies of Aegis, and are most often found scavenging Earth's destroyed cities outside of radiation zones. Compared to rank-and-file Aegean soldiers, Synthmen fill the role of cannon fodder. Few are given firearms, but those with intact higher brain functions can be taught basic martial arts and how to use melee weaponry.

Synthmen wear somewhat uniformed armor, typically having mechanical limbs and organic torso and head. Almost all synthmen have lung damage to the point of needing specialized respiration helmets.

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