Race: Gen V Android (Gen VI Prototype)
Description: Appearance varies, but generally takes her "normal" appearance. Soft pale skin, long blackish blue hair, piercing blue eyes, slender and extremely fit body type. 5'6" and appears to be 18 years old. Generally clad in leather body gear, some small armor pads and seemingly unused metal wings on her back. Almost always has two small black ribbon bows on either side fo her head.
High Concept: "Problem Solver" (Hired Assassin)

  • I'm based off humans, not that. - Cannot mimic non-human species well, if at all.
  • If you were human, you'd be a bipolar sociopath. - Programming purposely damages ability to make decisions properly. Lack of empathy and sense of right and wrong can lead to dangerous/illegal situations.
  • Where did my food go? - Requires eating after anything strenuous. Made to simulate humans more, as well as to compensate for the extra bells and whistles added to SONA.


  • Best Form of Flattery - Sona can change appearance to perfectly mimic any human(oid) character after a 360 degree view and hearing 20+ words from them spoken aloud.
  • Unstable Emotional Cognition - Mood/outlook on a situation can be very greatly altered by random strikes from an emotional inhibitor built into programming-
  • Titelok Digital Security - Hacking and electrical manipulation does not affect SONA very well, if at all.-

Careful: +1
Clever: +2
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +1
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +3


  • I love the crowd - Can easily re-dsiguise self to evade capture or detection in groups/crowds of people. +3 Sneaky when usign a crowd to evade.

Gear Bonuses: N/A

Weapon(s): Vibro Karambit generally inside of right forearm.

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