Meiko Arznei

Race: Apsys Cyborg
Description: Female. Physical age of 19 human years. Warm brown, shoulder length hair. Slightly rosy skin. Warm blue eyes, but can become steel when angry of focused. Slender, seemlingly malnourished in some lights. Ears are prosthetic, elongated ears similar to "elves". Left arm is completely prosthetic. Typically wears either short kimono or lab coats.
High Concept: Medic/Doctor

  • Tick, tock - Meiko will go into a state of uncontrollable blood lust, attacking everything in sight 48 hours after she applies her medicine to keep her sane. Can be refreshed by reapplying medicne after 24 hours


  • RadAway - Has abnormally high radiation resistance, and can slowly purge radiation from her system.
  • Precision - Meiko's prosthetic arm and augmented eyes gives her abnormally high precision for tasks such as attacks, medical work, or puzzles.
  • Anatomy Lesson - Has abnormally proficient knowledge in both anatomy of most beings, and how to fix (and break) most beings.

Careful: +1
Clever: +3
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +2


  • Bloodlust - Has a strong affinity for blood, both in putting it back into people and spilling it. Gains +1 to Clever when healing severely wounded allies(when sane), and her Clever and Forceful switch places(when bloodthirsty)

Gear Bonuses: N/A

Weapon(s): A short hunting dagger, and a slightly shorter Swiss-army knife. Both are small enough to hide in her sleeves.

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