Majestic-class Colony Ship

Although outdated, Majestic-class colony ships are still used as the hearts of some of the Coalition's largest city-planets. Majestic-class ships were designed to house up to 1000 persons onboard and came fit with the proper resources to colonize most hostile environments found on potential planets. The Coalition still has a few Majestic ships in service, such as Voyager III, which has become a traveling museum-ship of human and Coalition history.

Majestic-class ships, unlike traditional cruisers and carriers, were designed to be landed on planetary surfaces. Once the ship had landed, it was to be deconstructed and refitted as the heart of a colony.

The Majestic Seven were seven enormous starships constructed by the Coalition between 2062 and 2066, intended to be launched into deep space by the newly-discovered Star Rail. Majestic Seven, Polaris, was destroyed in construction due to an engine failure that killed the project crew. The remaining ships were all successfully fired into deep space. Of the now-renamed Majestic Six, only three made it back to the Sol System.

Majestic One, Where Eagles Dare, was found by Coalition and Winterkin explorers. The ship had successfully touched down on a habitable planet.

Majestic Two, Dawn, was the first ship to return to the Sol System, having discovered the Alphetas System and the Rain Clan of the Winterkin race.

Majestic Three, Wernher Von Braun, was found in deep space following the return of the Dawn.

Majestic Four, Providence, was found ripped to shreds in an asteroid field.

Majestic Five, Alan Shepard, was found on the planet that would later become the Coalition's capital.

Majestic Six, Voyager III, was returned from deep space.

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