Main Story Events

Here is a transcript of most of the main story events so far!

January 13th, 2335. One year after the legendary Lone Vanguard reactivated the Sol System's Star Rail orbiting Eris. The Coalition Remnant has regained control of Earth and started to rebuild in their attempts to reclaim the lost territory of the once-great Coalition Hundred Thousand colonies. Whoever you are, you're at the New Denver spaceport, heart of the Remnant, and Earth's now-largest off-world travel hub.

We all made it out of the spaceport with our lives and our things, having successfully stolen the spaceport AI, Architect. We holed up in a hotel nearby and everyone is getting to know each other.

Architect led us to a number of military caches and we received weapons. We set off towards to California, with a vehicle. We have fought our first enemy, a swarm of flesh monsters.

Our pack mule broke down. Meiko, Eryk, and Ivy went off in search of a new one or some way to repair the vehicle. They successfully fought a number of Utah Roadhog Gang members and returned with a hoverbike and a Jackal.

We have blown up a Utah Roadhog Gang hideout and successfully fought off two vehicles full of them, and Andres drove us to Salt Lake City, where we picked up the signal from a ship and a number of Synthmen.

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