Intuitive Vocal sYnthesizer

Race: Gen V Android
Description: IVY is a feminine android of medium height and stature, with coppery hair and hazel eyes over tera-cotta skin. She wears her hair in a bun that shows the silvery port on the back of her neck. Her cheeks, adorned with what look like freckles but are actually small speakers, usually hold a rosy smile. She usually wears loose-fitting, gauzy clothing and a headscarf, obscuring her figure in a shroud of thin fabric.
High Concept: Traveling Entertainer

  • Hmm? - Ivy's programming makes her prone to lapses in memory.
  • No fun… - Ivy can be hacked and taken over, if you know how to do it.


  • Turn the music up! - Ivy is unnaturally good at distracting intellegent races with song or loud noises.
  • What's that sound? - Ivy can mimic any sound or song she's heard before. It will play from the speakers in her cheeks.
  • Standard Programming - Ivy's optimism sometimes borders upon annoying due to her standard programming. Nothing seems to lower her morale. She doesn't seem to understand despair, to the point of getting slightly angry when those around her stay sad for prolonged periods of time.

Careful: +0
Clever: +2
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1


  • Stunning Voice - Ivy gains +1 Flashy when she begins to sing or dance.

Gear Bonuses: N/A

Weapon(s): A small tambourine that doubles as a set of metal knuckles with spikes.

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