A list of coalition armors.


  • EVA/Comm - Coalition infantry helmet. Designed for high-speed communications operators and EVA units. Rapid uplink modules allow quick brainwave-fired communications without setting a stream channel.
  • HAZ/Env - Coalition infantry helmet. Built for use in hazardous environments. Standard includes air filtration system.(edited)
  • Inf/M - Coalition infantry helmet. Standard issue for all marines.
  • SHOCK/t - Coalition infantry helmet. Issued to jet marines and special ops teams.
  • HEAT - Coalition infantry helmet. Designed for extreme environments such as radiation zones, planets with high surface temperatures and near-star planets. Favored by engineers for the extra durability.
  • I/Light - Coalition infantry helmet. Stripped-down model of the Inf/M helmet permutation.
  • Wall/H - Coalition infantry helmet. Thick metal plating, minimized visor range and impact absorption. Issued to specialists and heavy units.
  • Pilot - Coalition infantry helmet. Large visor with enhanced integrated HUD for flight or vehicle control.
  • HOTSEAT - Coalition special infantry helmet. Issued to PARA special forces units.
  • AMPH/G - Coalition special infantry helmet. Designed for underwater use.
  • VG-01 - Coalition Vanguard helmet. Highly resistant, including neural uplink modules. Built-in energy shields when linked to VG-01 torso.
  • MICRO HUD - Coalition headset. Includes single-eye HUD input, scanner module and comms module. Compact for easy use. Popular amongst Phaenyn.
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