During the Corporate Wars, the French-based ATEK Corporation made leaps and bounds in advanced artificial intelligence and human-like robots, resulting in the ATEK Android line. Generation V Androids are nearly indistinguishable from humans, but they possess vastly heightened resilience and a total immunity to radiation. The current model is Gen V (5).


Gen V Androids run on cold fusion nuclear batteries. Their bodies are composed of a titanium steel skeleton, inside of which and along which their wiring resides. They are covered in and fully sealed in skin plates, with a patented skin-like material which is nearly indistinguishable from human skin. There are barely noticeable creases where the plates meet, covered in skin substitute. Their feet contain small actuators which helps to convert some of the energy they use when they walk back into usable energy.
Their skin has touch and pressure sensors in similar places and concentration to humans. Their eyes are high-powered cameras, covered in a specialized lens to make them appear human, and they can taste, smell, and feel pain, but only artificially. They are all created with an understanding of how their body works, and how to repair themselves if they are damaged, however, they do not know the schematics for their own brains/chips, and as such cannot repair any glitches in their programming.

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