A faction that appeared after the Storm that wiped out galactic communications, Aegis appears to be a highly advanced human civilization from a parallel dimension. The Aegeans show behavior leaning towards attempting to return to their home universe rather than conquer this one, despite their occupation of Earth and enslavement of the human race to accomplish their goals. Aegis uses highly advanced biomechanical augmentation, twisting living things into a mix of mechanical and organic parts with the only purpose of war.

Aegis occupied Earth for several decades before being beaten back by the Lone Vanguard, and their capital ship, the AMS Hyperion, was destroyed in the Coalition Remnant's first major push against its many enemies. Aegis forces on Earth are largely scattered, but mass near Earth's abandoned cities, looking to scavenge their way off the planet. Other Aegean forces in the Sol System seem to be looking to "fight their way home," attempting to unlock the secrets of interdimensional travel in an attempt to leave this plane of existence and return to their own. Despite all this, Aegis remains extremely hostile towards any other factions.

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