Ever since man first created the spear, man has adapted the elements to create bigger and stronger weapons. Here is a sampling of what one might find within the Milky Way of 2335.



  • L4-S - A repeating laser pistol issued to Coalition scouts. L4-S handguns have a short cooldown between shots, and are popularly used dual-wielded.
  • M90 - Select-fire Coalition-issued pistol. Highly available to civilians and military police.
  • HC Shooting Star - Rail-action revolver firing magnetized rounds. Extremely accurate and precise. Significantly rare and only issued to officers.
  • MDW-XC1 - A stripped-down MPDW designed to be even more compact than the standard model. Highly inaccurate and difficult to control, but fantastic at close range.
  • Chimera - Aegis-issued laser revolver, used by naval captains.
  • HC Lone Star - A modern revolver styled after an Old West classic.

Two(or more)-Handed

  • AR15-XC2 - Introduced in 2108 as a counter to Imperial body armor and a replacement for the AR15-X01 as the Coalition's main line rifle. AR15-XC2 rifles can fire in almost any environment and are highly customizable.
  • L47-XC3 - Coalition laser rifle. Highly modular.
  • M24X AMR - Bolt-action Coalition-issued sniper rifle.
  • MPDW - Coalition-issued SMG. Weapon of Coalition Military Police. Highly modular and lightweight, with controllable recoil and fire rate.
  • AA9 GML - RPG-type weapon used to destroy armored targets. Fires a single rocket after a brief target locking period.
  • L2X SAW - Coalition heavy laser repeater, issued to Coalition specialists and gunners. A heavy weapon with a short spool-up period and a long cooldown.
  • Slag Launcher - Winterkin custom shotgun used by pirates. Serves as a handheld furnace that melts and propels molten metal. Extremely heavy for human use.
  • A77 - Aegis-issued rifle, used by Aegean soldiers. Railgun firing mechanism with magnetized attachments.
  • Bolt Rifle - Fully automatic Empire-issued weapon of the XVI Legion. Scaled down for human use, fires heavy metal bolts that punch harder than bullets with a slower flight speed and greater arc.
  • Boltgun - A smaller model of the Bolt Rifle, used by general infantry of the XVI Legion. Faster and lighter, costing it accuracy.
  • M52 - Standard-issue Coalition pump-action shotgun.
  • Rivetor - Apsys-made construction tool that fires superheated rivets, intended for underwater construction and repair. Some use the Rivetor as a gun, and when utilized in this matter, the Rivetor is a fearsome weapon that can leave holes bigger than any bullet wound.

Melee Weapons

Bladed Weapons

  • Vibro-Knife - Standard issue Coalition knife. Vibrates at a high frequency to provide a cleaner cut.
  • Regulator Blade - Highly lethal weapon in the right hands, wielded by Apsys Regulators. The weapon's blade can be switched between high-frequency, electricity, or plasma-edged.

Blunt Weapons

  • Volt Staff - A weapon used exclusively by Praetorians of the XVI Legion. Large double-sided staff that sends a surge of deadly electricity when contacting a target.
  • Aegean Stun Baton - Wielded by roving Synthmen in the ruins of old Earth cities. Often paired with an Aspis. Delivers near-lethal dose of electricity on contact with a target.
  • Interstate 80 Sign - Eryk's signature weapon. With the extreme strength of a Valon wielding it, it can be used as an axe.

Vehicle Weapons


  • Harpoon Launcher - An anti-vehicle weapon jerry-rigged by raiders of the Roadhog gang. Launches huge, sharpened rods of metal, used to pierce other vehicles' armor. Intended for use on Jackal universal turret slots.
  • L2XA1 Laser Cannon - Advanced Coalition anti-infantry laser turret. Scaled-up version of the L2X SAW, often mounted on Jackal universal turret slot.
  • Mark 88 - Coalition minigun turret. Commonly utilized on Jackal universal turret slot.
  • ATA/J Rocket Turret - Coalition anti-aircraft turret for use with the Jackal universal turret slot. Launches volleys of homing rockets that lock onto aircraft. An adaptation of the ATA/O rockets used on Coalition interceptors.

Ship Weapons

  • TALON Laser Repeater - Coalition starfighter weapons platform used as main guns for the Eagle/E A4. High accuracy, high velocity laser rounds can tear open both shielded and unshielded ships in seconds.
  • AA/O Missile - Single-use Coalition homing missiles. Intended for starfighter combat, and ideal for both dogfighting and assaulting larger ships head-on.
  • DIVESTRIKE Railgun - Specialized railgun built into the nose of the Peregrine/E A2. The positioning of such a weapon makes the Peregrine more limited in fighting off attackers, but ensures that they will only cross its firing range once.
  • RAPTOR Heavy Machine Gun - Medium-accuracy Coalition heavy machine gun, standard on the Falcon/E A3. Best used at closer ranges, suiting the role of interceptor fighters.
  • ATA/O Rocket Pod - Coalition homing rockets, often seen as a scaled-down variant of the AA/O missile. ATA-O rockets are intended for shredding open the light plating of starfighter craft, and are typically fired in volleys. ATA/O rockets come standard on the Falcon/E A3.
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